Information and advice about traveling with dog, cat or other pet.
On this page you will find information and tips for preparing your trip with your pet.

Considerations whether to take along your pet

Even though we think a pet has a right to a holiday once in awhile, it is sensible to consider the implications of bringing your best friend on the holiday you have planned. Not every dog is suitable for travel and not every holiday is suitable for a dog. Take the following into account when planning your holiday:

  • Can I leave my dog in the hotel room without him making to much noise or damage? It is unavoidable that you will have to leave your dog alone, even though it is only for a short time. For example, in most countries dogs are not allowed in public places like restaurants. It is important for your own freedom of movement as well. It should be a pleasure but not a burden to bring your pet along!
  • What are the activities you plan for your holiday? For example, if you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, it is important to know if there is a beach that allows dogs. If you are a lover of cultural or nautical activities, it is wise to plan your activities well and spread them over the duration of the holiday so that you do not have to leave your dog alone for too long. It goes without saying that the best activities include long walks discovering the beauty of nature!

In other words, if you wish to bring the whole family with you on your trip, you will have to adjust your journey and activities a little. Your pet will be very grateful!