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Welcome to our online hotel booking service.

Important Notices:

  • Please make sure the box "pets allowed" on the left side of the screen (advanced search options) is checked if you want the search results to show only those hotels that accept pets.
  • When making a reservation, be sure to include the number and type of pet /s (race, weight…), in the observations at the third step of reservation process.
  • These hotels accept at least 1 dog per room. If you are travelling with more dogs, or another type of pet, you may want to contact the hotel after making your reservation. The phone number can be found in your reservation confirmation.
  • Please note that hotels may ask a daily charge per pet. This is not included in the final price of the reservation. You can check the hotel reservation conditions for more information.

Hot Dog Guarantee
  • Your pet is just as welcome as you are.
  • Booking is easy and fast.
  • We have years of experience with pet travel.
  • Our team is available for any questions you might have, by e-mail or phone.
  • All rates are clear from the start.
  • We offer a big selection of hotels and holidays homes, within each budget and wish-list.

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